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Price List
(up to 150 guests - please contact for pricing on larger weddings !)

(Unsure how many hours you'll need? Read my guide "How Much coverage do I need" (below)

All packages are all-inclusive! This means you have the rights to print, share, and use ALL of your photos, with nothing more to purchase once you receive your USB. All packages  include all lightly edited images on a USB stick, in both colour & b&w.  


Not sure how many hours you'll need? Book a smaller package now, then add hours later. No hidden fees. You can always go up in coverage, just not down.


Hourly, Elopement & Half Day Packages:

-1 Hour Coverage: $385+GST* Includes approx. 300+ Digital Images!

-1.5 hr "Just the basics" Package: 599+GST (30min ceremony + 1hr formals, all high res images on USB)

-2 Consecutive Hours Elopement: $685+GST* Includes approx 450+ Digital Images!

-3 Consecutive Hours Essentials: $995+GST* Includes approx 700+ Digital Images! + 20 retouch credits

-4 Consecutive Hours Half Day: $1333+GST* Includes approx 850+Digital Images! + 30 retouch credits

-5 Consecutive Hours Half Day: $1595+GST Includes approx 1000+ Digital Images! + 50 retouch credits


Full Day Packages: (All  full day packages include a free engagement session) :

-6 Consecutive Hours Full Day: $1795+GST >Includes approx 1000+ Digital Images!+ 1hr engagement session  (don't need the engagement session? Make it a 7 hour day for the same price: $1795+GST) + 100 retouch credits

-8 Consecutive Hours Full Day: $2095+GST >Includes approx 1000+ Digital Images!+ 1hr engagement session (don't need the engagement session? Make it a 9 hour day for the same price: $2095+GST)  + 100 retouch credits

-10 Consecutive Hours Full Day: $2495+GST > Includes approx 1500+ Digital Images!+ 1hr engagement session  + 100 retouch credits

-12 Consecutive Hours Full Day: $2695+GST Includes approx 1500+ Digital Images!+ 1hr engagement session  + 100 retouch credits



No Limits Package: $3600+GST 

​Full "No limits" Coverage (up to 15hrs & no travel fees): $3600+GST. Includes approx 1500-2500 Digital Images!

- Up to 15 consecutive hours of photography coverage, 1500-2500 lightly edited images on a USB stick, colour & b&w. + 200 Retouch credits.

- Includes all travel & license fees to any location within 3 hours of Calgary (exceptions may be made for locations further away, please contact me to see if your location qualifies!)

- Includes a 2 hour engagement session in any location within 2 hrs drive of Calgary. All images on disc + 50 Engagement Retouch Credits.

- Includes a 1 hour Boudoir Session or 1 hour trash the dress session. All images on disc + 20 Retouch credits.

- Unlimited shooting locations on your wedding day, from getting ready to sparkler sendoff.

- Coverage can be split over up to 3 days!

(Need more than 15hrs? Use your 2hr engagement session + 1hr trash the dress session to make a total of 18 hours, split over up to 3 days!  Need more than 18hrs?Contact me for a quote!)

With All packages:

-25% deposit, balance due on or before wedding day.

-Visa, MasterCard, Amex, accepted, Etransfer preferred.

-Full Day Packages Include free 1hr Engagement Session within the City of Calgary limits*

Most packages also include bonus retouch credits.  What are Retouch credits? Does this mean the rest of my images aren't edited? (yes, they're all edited, retouch credits are a-la-carte additional edits,  This means that you can choose specific detailed edits on specific photos. (Ie: detailed skin cleanup, body reshaping, object removal, etc). I don't like to change faces and bodies unless specifically asked :) Retouch credits are like an insurance policy, a-la-carte custom edits. 

Essentials Package (3hr) Includes 20 retouch credits, Half Day Packages Include 50 retouching credits, Full Day Packages Include 100 Retouching Credits, and the No limits package includes 200 Retouching credits. 

Available Add-ons:

-Second Shooter: add a second shooter is just 150/hr with a minimum of 3 hours.

-Rush Delivery on final Wedding photos: 1 Week Rush: $500+GST. 2 Week Rush $300+GST 
-Extra copy of USB ($50/each+GST)
-Extra retouching $20/photo

My editing process:

I do a light edit (lightroom edit) on all the images ( I catch a lot of flack in the industry because most don’t give that many images, and especially not edited ). I then go back in and do a more detailed edit (photoshop edit) on the top shots. 

The retouch credits are for custom edits, if desired - ie: let’s say you get a strange tan line or huge pimple on the day, or your dress has a rip or wrinkle , or there’s something in the background you don’t like - you can customize your edits to change these more specific things.   I don't change bodies or faces without being asked to - I shouldn't be changing  your measurements, unless requested).

I once had a bride who had a rapid weight loss due to illness right before her wedding. This caused her dress to be too loose and the illusion back line became crooked on the dress.  She used her credits to have me digitally straighten the back on ceremony photos ( since you can’t stop a ceremony to straighten a dress ). 

How many hours of wedding coverage do I need ?


My wedding packages are broken down into hours of coverage. How many hours do you need? Here is a helpful guide of how long things generally take:


Getting ready bride: 1 hr ( min) allows for shots of dress hanging, shoes, details, hair, makeup, dress going on, first reactions to bride ( parents/bridesmaids reaction)


--travel time--


Getting ready groom: 1/2 hr (min). 

When I arrive at the groom's location, the groom& groomsmen are usually already pretty close to getting ready to go. 30 mins allows time for a few getting ready shots - cuff links, rings, details, groom tying tie, etc.


--travel time --


Ceremony: non religious takes approx 30-45 min 
Religious/ church ceremony: 1 hour.

Receiving line or champagne toasts: can take 30 ish mins. Many couples opt to receive their guests later on.


--travel time --


Family & formal photos.: 1 - 3 hours. 1 hour of photos will give enough time for quick family photos (20 min) quick bridal party photos (20 min) and bride groom session( 20 min). The more creative & variety that you'd like to see in your photos, the more time you need to allow. The more bridesmaids & groomsmen you have, the longer the group shots will take.

Please also allow travel time if you'd like more than one location for your formal shots. ( Also take into account that wedding season= construction season! Allow time for traffic !)


-- travel time back to reception --


Speeches, dinner, cake cutting dances: 3-ish hours. This can vary depending on a number of variables. 
- how many speeches ? - are you giving a length guideline for speeches?
- is dinner plated, or a buffet? - how many dances ?


Optional - sneak away for golden hour/magic hour. 20-30 mins.


Garter bouquet toss: usually happens at least an hour after first dance / bride father dance / groom mother dance


Night photography / sparklers: 30 mins.


 Common package combinations that I see are as follows ( this is a guide only - you're welcome to build your own combinations of course !)


Bride getting ready + groom getting ready + ceremony + formals + dinner/ speeches/ dances + night photography: 10-12 hour day.


Bride getting ready on site, ( no groom shots) ceremony, formals, dinner, speeches, cake, first dances ( no garter/ bouquet, no

night/sparkler shots ) : 8 hour day.


Bride getting ready+ ceremony+ formals ( no reception shots): 6 hour day.


Ceremony + family/formals = 3 hrs or half day packages


Small ceremony + 1hr formals = elopement packages


See what's in the contract here:

Outside Calgary limits?

Travel is generally $100/hour plus license fees, Calculated from South Calgary.

Canmore: $300 (travel + license)

Banff: $400-$500 (travel + licenses) (Banff town + Banff National Park are separate licenses)

Emerald Lake, Field/BC, Lake Louise: $400 (travel + license)

Don't want to pay travel fees? See my "Unlimited Coverage" Package

Want to see the price list in advance? I believe in being fully transparent :)

How does the booking process work? 

Like the site? Hate the site? Tell me! I designed it myself, all feedback is welcome :)

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