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The Human behind the Camera...

I think it is only fair to share a little bit about me, since you're considering me to capture one of the most meaningful, emotional days of your life. If I'm going to see all of your raw emotions, and be a part of capturing your story, I'd like to also share mine:


I'm Carolyn, a lot of my friends call me "Care".

To get the formalities out of the way, I've been shooting professionally since 2007, am a federally incorporated business, have won awards for my photography work. I've shot over 500 weddings to date, carry corporate liability insurance, and shoot all across Canada, with a focus on Alberta, and interior BC. My background is originally in Marketing (I have a BCOMM in Marketing Management from Dalhousie University), and I was originally a self-taught photographer.   In 2016 I submitted my portfolio and wrote the exams for the New York Institute of Photography, and received my  Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Certification.

From 2012-2018 I was a full time wedding & newborn (&fitness, family etc) photographer.  I was on the top of Google when you went looking for a photographer, and was often booked solid with a waitlist.  I shot 30-40 weddings per year, 120 newborns per year, and countless family, maternity, engagement, Christmas party, etc sessions per year. 80hour workweeks were the norm.

Then, somewhere between 2018-2019, I fell ill: somewhere along the way, I was bitten by a tick, and missed it.  I spent 2019-2020 slowing down, and treating for Chronic Lyme.  The pandemic hit along this time, and while it put a lot of weddings on hold,  I was able to rest and recover.

While recovering, I lost a lot of weight, looked sick, and ended up taking on some work in the film industry. Black Summer 2  was looking for civilian zombie apocalypse survivors who looked thin and unhealthy.  I was a fit, and  at this point, weddings were restricted, and I was still recovering and did not look well. I continued to treat for Lyme while working in the film industry.  Black Summer 2 opened the door for me to other shows, and I had the opportunity to work alongside some of the top industry specialists in the country, and in the world.  I got to see how award winning directors of photography, and lighting teams worked, and set lights, angles - everything.  I worked as a photo double, stand in, driving double, and even had the opportunity to shoot still images on set. (Between 2020 - 2023 I also worked on 12 other shows, including Fargo, The Last of us, Land, Under the Banner of Heaven, etc, to name a few).

Fast forward to 2023:  I am in remission, and feeling well. I'm slowly increasing the number of weddings I'm taking on, post pandemic and post Lyme.  I'm now an advocate for the Lyme community.  I balance my shoots out with work in Film, or doing Digital Marketing work, which gives me a physical break between shoots. I don't overbook myself, and I make it a priority to eat well, get enough rest, and take care of myself.  I practice cold water therapy (Wim Hof Method), and also have my Practitioners Diploma in Cold Water Therapy. I enjoy downtime with my husband, son, and our two furry little guinea pigs.  I believe in energy, and alignment.  I believe that when something negative happens, there is always a lesson. My lesson was slowing down, and seeing the bigger picture: Love, and Gratitude.

Why am I sharing such a personal story? Because the last few years have truly shifted my perspective.  Life is short, and precious. Memories even more so. I have the honour of capturing these for you. I walk into every shoot now with gratitude - I'm grateful to be here capturing each and every one of you. <3


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