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Mobile Studio - Prop Selection.

Please note, prop selections need to be made in advance of every session.  Once a prop is brought into your home, it is considered used, and has to be washed/cleaned before being returned to my kit.  For this reason, I only bring the props and accessories we plan on using into your home.  (Otherwise I'd be exposing every item in my kit to every home, and doing a LOT of extra washing, which slows the process down). If you're unsure, I can help - let me know what your colour preferences or palette is, and I can help with suggestions!

If you have booked a newborn lifestyle session, please select 1 of: basket/bucket/bed,  2 wrap colours, , and a blanket colour.

If you have booked copper:  please select: 1 basket/bucket/bed/,  2-3 wrap colours, 1 blanket or flokati (fuzzy rug), and 1 props/hats/accessories.   


If you have booked silver: : please select: 2 basket/bucket/bed,  2-3 wrap colours, 1-2 blanket or flokati (fuzzy rug), and 2 props/hats/accessories.   

If you have booked gold: : please select: up to 3 basket/bucket/bed/airplane,  3-4 wrap colours, 2-3 blanket or flokati (fuzzy rug), and 3-5 props/hats/accessories.   

Please note - you may see other props in my portfolio, sometimes clients provide their own props, so I hope this page clears any confusion about which props are mine - I'm happy to bring your selections from the list below :)

Looking for a custom prop that you can keep as a keepsake after your session?
I'm excited to announce that I've started creating custom props for sale - these items are brand new, handmade with love, and are available for purchase.  The link will be here, when its ready - so far I have started making beautiful macrame newborn swings, wraps, knitted bowls headbands and hats. <3

To clarify: props listed below are to borrow, and are cleaned for every session. Custom & new props will also be available to browse & purchase here (link is currently blank because they're not quite ready! :)

Looking for a custom hand-crocheted prop & keepsake? Please visit one of my favourite creators,


Wraps are one of the most important props I use in newborn photography. They can coordinate in with various other props/hats etc, or be draped over baby in bum-up pose. Family photos are usually done with baby wrapped up, and then the first shot in a bucket or basket will flow with this same wrap.

Wraps can also be used as a soothing tool with an overstimulated baby, in various different wrapping styles. I highly recommend choosing several wrap colours for your shoot, as they can give you a lot of variety in your photos, without having to disturb baby too much between shots. 



These can be used inside basket or buckets. They coordinate nicely with a wrap+ headband or hat.

For lifestyle and copper select 1 colour. For silver select 2, for gold select 2-3.


Beds Boats Baskets buckets & Swing:


For lifestyle & copper select ONE of either basket, boat or bucket .

For silver, select 2 of ANY bed, boat, bucket, basket.

For gold, select 3 of ANY bed, boat, bucket, basket, airplane or swing.


New! Swing (Available soon in blue as well)

Swings are also available for custom purchase/order, if you'd like one to keep, please let me know, and I can send pricing, :)


Flowers, Angel wings, headbands, etc:


Character themed (please specify )

Character themed (2) (please specify )

Themed 3 (please specify )

Hats & shorts (please note, sometimes if baby isn't settled, I may opt to shoot just the hat or hat + wrap, to keep them more settled)

Tutus: Please specify 

Hat w/ ears + cocoon (please specify)


Hats (please specify)

Need some inspiration? Here are some of my favourite combos:

What I do and don't bring 

Copper, Silver, Gold:In addition to the items listed above, I bring everything that is needed to photograph your baby. This includes a backdrop stand, and a big beanbag-filled posing pillow. I also bring additional posing aids to position your baby properly - with proper support where it is needed, for the baby's safety and comfort.  I also have large white and back backdrops for the family and sibling portion of the session.

I don't typically bring stuffies with me, but I am happy to work with a stuffy that you may have on hand. The reason for this is that everything that I bring into your home is cleaned between families.  Stuffies tend to look old after repeated washings.  I also don't have an inventory of team props, as everyone has their own favourite teams.  I tend to say that if you are a big enough fan of a team that you want your baby photographed with their logo, then chances are that you already have something in your home that has the team on it. Jerseys, t shirts and hats can all be used in your session. 

Lastly, if you have a hobby or theme in mind, please don't be shy to mention it. Once I receive enough requests for a certain theme, I will order it, however if the request is a one of, or a more rare theme, I will try to work with something you already have in your home :)

The props pictured above at exclusive to Carolyn Budreski Photography Inc!  Award winning newborn photography, in the convenience of your home!

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