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Newborn 1hr Lifestyle (Bronze package) 



1hr session, in home, in a lifestyle setting. This means instead of bringing my full mobile studio, all backdrop & all props with me, I use your space to set the scene and feel. (The package does still include one basket or bucket setup! Instead of using a backdrop, I use your space, see examples below!)


 This session is perfect for older newborns, as they typically don't settle as well into/onto props (they just want to be held!) Most clients use their bedroom, or living room as a backdrop, and we use natural light - often mom / dad in front of a window with light streaming in. This session doesn't rely on props/outfits, so baby is often naked, or just in an outfit provided by mom and dad. This session is more about the connection between you, your family & baby.


Included in this package: 1hr lifestyle session, using 1-2 wraps and the client's space.  Also included: 1 basket or bucket setup (no backdrop), shot using either your space, or a flokati (fuzzy rug) under the bucket or basket).  Examples of setups may mean using your own hardwood floor, or a fuzzy rug under the bucket if you've got carpet. The following are examples of bucket type shots created without a backdrop, and would count as the bucket setup included in this package:










In the images above, the camera angles are mostly shot down, which means there is no need for a backdrop. If you have a plain wall, or open window (think high key backlit), then angles could also be shot more side on.    For comparison, the following images (below) are backdrop type shots and would require a mobile studio type booking.  These have been set up with a backdrop stand, giant bean bag pillow, positioners and posers, and require time and an extended session to pose and settle baby. The backdrop looks seamless and is continuous from "wall" to "floor":

Comparing Lifestyle Newborn Vs Newborn Mobile Studio Package:

​​​​​Lifestyle Package (Bronze)

Length: 1hr (firm).

Images included: 200 lightly edited images (lightroom edit), colour + bw

Includes family photos? yes

Includes mobile studio? no. Your space is used as a backdrop instead.

Includes 1 wrap, 1 basket.  

Pick up to 20 images for a more detailed edit

Because time limit is fixed, I cannot guarantee baby will sleep.

Compare to:

Newborn Mobile Studio  (Silver, Gold)

Length: 2 or 2-3.5

Images included: 300 lightly edited images, colour + bw

Includes family photos? yes

Includes mobile studio? yes

Includes backdrop, props, buckets, baskets, sleeping shots

Because time limit is flexible, there is time to stop and shhh, change, feed baby etc.

Pick up to 30 images for a more detailed edit

As with all packages, strict Covid cleaning, ppe & sickness & testing protocols are in place. This package was initially created during Covid when restrictions were high, but I have kept it as an option, as I understand that some clients want a more affordable shorter newborn session. It is also more suitable for "older" newborn babies, up to 6wks old.  I wouldn't quite call this session a "mini", but it is a bit shorter than a full mobile studio style session.

More lifestyle samples, shot without backdrops, in the clients home:

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