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Welcome & About the Mobile Studio

Welcome! My name is Carolyn, and I am a licensed, insured, full-time professional Photographer located in Calgary, AB, since 2007.  I am proud to offer custom, newborn art for my clients.  Each session is unique, and tailored to your ideas, style, and passions in life. I truly believe that newborn photography shouldn't be about *my* style, but it should instead tell your story, and be in alignment with your energy.

What makes me different? All packages include ALL images. If you look closely, most photographers include a handful of images, and then you have to pay per image for the extra images that you fall in love with.  At first glance, these packages may look more affordable than mine - but look closely - you get ALL images with my packages! All high res, lightly edited, for keeps. (yes, usually several hundred images)! All of my newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. I bring everything needed to shoot your selected package, without ever having to leave your home. (I'm a c-section mamma, and also a former NICU mamma, and I understand just how hard it is to leave the house with a baby who is only a few days old. )

See my packages & prices here

Questions? Contact me :)


I've been a professional photographer since 2007, and have my certification from the New York Institute of Photography. I used to photograph hundreds of brand new babies every year, now I only hold space for a handful every month, so that I can dedicate more focus, creativity and attention to each session.  If you're anxious about booking a newborn session, please know that I go into each session with the level of care that I would hold for my own baby.  Several of my nurse clients have sworn that I am a "baby whisperer", and I was previously voted #8 as Canada's most popular photographer. I do also have my Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers course. (I'm also a NICU mamma, and remember those early days as if they were yesterday.)

In order to be able to get all of my moms in within those precious first 10-14 days of life, I only hold a limited number of newborn spots per month. I currently only hold 5 advance spots for my most popular package, as I strive to focus on quality over quantity. A customized newborn session is an investment, and by limiting the number of clients I photograph per month, I can invest more creative energy into each session.


Why Mobile Service?  ​(Newborn Photos you don't have to leave the house for!)  I bring everything to you, and we use your living room as a shooting space, where natural light can stream through, and you can relax in the comfort of your own home.


Why Mobile Service? Because you're exhausted. And overwhelmed. And Healing. (Winter Roads with a newborn? nope!)  Did I mention, exhausted?  Getting out the door is overwhelming with a brand new baby. And possibly painful, if you're recovering from tearing or a c section.  The goal is to create a calm, peaceful environment for your session, where we don't rush, and we allow as much time as baby needs to relax and settle into each of the poses we have planned.   

Booking & Availability:

How to book?
Step 1: send me a quick email (, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page) to check and see if your due date is available (I only hold a limited number of spots per month, so sometimes I'm wait-listed or full)
2. Fill out the booking forms (I'll email them to you :) ), and pay your deposit to hold retain your spot (100$)
3. Contact me when baby is here, and we set up your shoot within the first 10 days of baby's life!

​One last note: I cannot stress newborn safety enough. In addition to adhering to strict safety practices for your baby, please also know that I am insured, and also have a valid Calgary Business License. In order to obtain this license (which is renewed annually), photographers are required to submit to a Calgary Police Services background check. 

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