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Welcome to My name is Carolyn Budreski, and I am a licensed, Federally Incorporated Calgary Professional Photographer (Whew! That was a lot to fit into one sentence, wasn't it!) I provide professional, creative, fun service across Canada, but mostly within Southern Alberta and Interior BC.  I love what I do, and I have fun doing it! I want you to love your wedding photos as much as I love capturing them.!

Over the pandemic, I spent time in the film industry, learning from the best of the best. I worked on shows such as :"Fargo”, “Ride”, “High School”,”The Last of Us” "Land", "Under the banner of Heaven", "Joe Pickett", "Fraggle Rock", "Jann" "Black Summer 2", "A Teacher", “Heartland”, “Cape Holly Christmas”, “Retreat to you”, “Chasing Midnight”, Black Summer 2”. Learn more about me here. 

I'm excited to take everything that I learned in the Film & Television World and bring it to your wedding photos!

Let's talk about you! What is your wedding vision? Do you prefer Light and Airy? Or Dark and Moody?  What kind of photos draw you in?  If I have learned anything in my 15+ years of shooting weddings, it isn't about me - it is about YOU! If you want light, airy, boho, blushy, firey, smokey - you name it, my answer is always, "yes, I can do that." If  you like my work so far, please send me a quick note, and we can connect. I'd love to learn more about your big day, and see if we are a fit!

 If you are looking for something that you don't see here, please don't be shy to contact me and ask!  I'm always up for new creative challenges.

Additional Qualifications:

-Wedding Industry Experts Award: Most Popular Photographer: 3rd in Calgary, 8th in Canada, 16th Worldwide

-Over 500 Weddings Shot to date (I stopped counting at 500 ;) -Shooting Professionally since 2007. (Federally incorporated - I can shoot all across Canada).

-My focus is Weddings, Newborns, The film industry, and the Digital Marketing world.  (I shoot stills and am an Actra member as well, working on both sides of the camera. I also have a BCOMM in Marketing Management with an ad agency background.)

-Canon Shooter (Full frame professional lenses & bodies, mirrorless.)

-New York Institute of Photography Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Certification 

-I shoot on two (sometimes three) cameras, and bring two sets of gear (backups are a must!)

-All of your raw files are backed up in QUADRUPLICATE, including 2 cloud backups.

-Insured (corporate liability insurance), City of Calgary licensed (and police checked)

-Published in Real Weddings Magazine (and also several others, ie: Canadian Geographic, National Post, etc etc).

-My style is professional and FUN!!!  -I shoot an average of 30-40 weddings per year, all across Canada

Want to see the price list in advance? I believe in being fully transparent :)

How does the booking process work? 

Like the site? Hate the site? Tell me! I designed it myself, all feedback is welcome :)

A list of availible dates.

Coming soon: click, view my calendar & book

Work over the years... 

Don't be shy...

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