New! The Budget Bride Bundle!

Over the past 10+ years of photographing weddings, I have seen various wedding trends come and go. One of the trends that I have noticed in recent years, is the Pinterest/DIY style wedding.  So, I sat down and thought, how can I strip down a package to help these brides?  I still want to offer the same level of quality shots, the same level of professionalism, (licenses, backups, professional equipment etc), but how can I help these brides make their budgets work, and still offer a high level of wedding photos?

The average wedding typically takes 2-3 hours of editing per hour shot.  So, the pricing you see on my "price list" page, is based on total time to turn images around.   The average 10hr wedding is really 40-50 hours of work, and so it is priced accordingly. Below, I am offering a package where the editing time is cut for me, and so I am able to pass on the savings to you!

As a trial, limited time offer, I am offering the following package:   


7 hours wedding coverage, with 150 images on usb. $1500.

Mileage/travel, engagement session, and retouch credits can be added on if needed.

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